A Note on the Alex the Clown Trilogy: Although it is referred to as a trilogy, there is a fourth film. The fourth film entitled Alex the Clown 4 was produced during the Spring of 1997.  The film was shot entirely by Rubinow, and featured Rubinow playing every character. Rubinow returned to his roots and commissioned Eric Christensen to pen the new script.  The story followed as such: There was a cloned Alex the Clown, Erik comes to kill him, Alex’s son steps in to try and make the save but gets killed, Erik and Alex have a duel and Alex’s arm gets cut off, Alex melds with a computer and blows up Eric and himself.  This is probably the end of Alex and Erik and the Alex the Clown Saga. I don’t have any plans to make a fifth one.
-AR 1 March 2002

The "Alex the Clown" Trilogy
and other related things


"A l e x t h e C l o w n"
written by Erik Christensen, Fall 1994

This story begins with a strange humanlike lifeform being hurled to the earth. When the lifeform hits the earth  it splits into two separate personas. A good clown ( Alex ) and a bad clown ( Erik ). This beginning is inserted to explain how they came into existence and  takes place years before the rest of the story. In earlier adventures, not portrayed in this movie, Alex locks Erik in a cryo chamber and adopts a son, but  not necessarily in that order. When Erik escapes from the cryo chamber he captures Alex’s son, and informs Alex of that fact at a show Alex is acting in. Somehow Alex’s son escapes and leaves clues to his whereabouts for his father,  but Erik overhears the clues, turns himself invisible, and leads Alex off track.  Erik reaches Alex’s son first and captures him again, then Alex finds the final¬  clue and comes to get his son. Erik ties Alex up with some rope and begins to¬  threaten him with his pet electrical wire, Mr. Sizzler. The wire is apparently taught to destroy anyone with a red clown nose on. Alex’s precedes to kick Erik  and runs away. This gives Alex enough time to get out of the rope and throw his  nose at Erik. Mr. Sizzler electrocutes Erik, because he caught the red clown nose, and Alex goes off to find his son.

"Alex the Clown 2: Erik Strikes Back"
written by Alexander Rubinow, Fall 1995

This story begins with Erik, who is not dead. Erik crawls out of some sort of hole in the ground and runs off to find Alex. The next morning,  Alex ( who has forgotten about the search for his adopted son ) wakes up and walks out of his house. An unruly fan attacks him because he saw and was displeased with Alex’s show in "Alex the Clown 1." After the attack Alex walks  over to a river under a railroad bridge deep in the forest. While Alex is there¬  Erik comes to Alex’s house and searches it. Erik then picks up some sort of clue and goes off to the forest. In the forest Alex is telling a joke which he heard  in "The Breakfast Club", when he is about to give the punchline Erik comes into  view. Alex is amazed at the fact that Erik is not dead yet. Alex then runs up the hill to the railroad tracks, but his foot gets caught. He struggles to get free while Erik is slowly coming up behind him. Alex escapes and runs down the other side of the tracks just as Erik makes it up. Erik trips on one of the¬  rails and falls into the middle of the tracks. A Metra train comes and runs him over. The dust clears, and Erik gets up, not dead. Alex was not there to see Erik not die.

"A l e x t h e C l o w n 3"
written by Alexander Rubinow, Spring 1996

This story begins with Alex coming out of the forest and walking down the street. Mysteriously he vanishes into thin Air. Erik then comes out after witnessing Alex’s  disappearance, and follows Alex footsteps. He too vanishes into thin air. Erik appears at Alex’s house and comes to the realization that they were transported¬  back into the sixties. Erik comes to this realization by the look of the¬  furniture in Alex’s house. He then explains that Alex was too stupid to see a change in time and went off to find a locksmith because his key did not work.¬  Erik runs off to find Alex and destroy him. The story then shifts to Alex  running onto a playground shouting out that he needs to find a locksmith. Surprisingly enough, a locksmith appears and Alex and the locksmith walk off in the direction of Alex’s house. Just as they leave the playground, Erik walks on to the playground saying the words to "A Hard Day’s Night." When he gets to the middle of the song a mysterious voice asks him whether he is a mod or a rocker. He responds that he is a mocker, runs over to a basketball hoop, slam dunks, and runs off to find Alex. ( The mocker line is pulled out of a scene when a female reporter questions Ringo Starr in the 1964 film "A Hard Day’s Night" ) Next the action shifts over to Alex and the locksmith walking towards the house. Suddenly Alex trips over a newspaper, and the headline reads that men have just landed on¬  the moon. Alex does not believe the headline, but the locksmith quickly convinces him that it is the 60’s and anything is possible. Alex is still in a state of disbelief and tells the locksmith that he does not need his service anymore, and that he can make like a tree and leave ( taken from the classic movie trilogy "Back to the Future" ). The locksmith who is enraged asks Alex if  he is a chicken. Alex responds that nobody calls him a chicken ( yet another¬  line from "Back to the Future" ). Just then Alex hallucinates and sees Erik’s head where the Locksmith’s should be. Alex runs off, greatly shaken up, and the locksmith just shrugs his shoulders. Back at the entrance to the forest. Erik the evil clown emerges from the bushes and explains about a Darth Vader mask he¬  formed from melting records, and how he will put it on and trick Alex. Alex is seen walking and Vader ( Erik ) approaches him. Alex asks him if he has seen a  time portal anywhere. Erik then says some lines from "Star Wars" and whips out a light saber. Alex does the same, but his lightsaber is multicolored. They Battle¬  until Alex corners Erik against a cement slab. Alex strikes down hoping to slice Erik, but he misses completely. Erik, always thinking ahead, quickly tucks his hand in his shirt and pretends that it was chopped off. Erik requests that Alex  remove his mask, Alex takes pity on Erik and fulfills his request. ( Mind you,¬  Alex is unarmed now ) After the mask is removed, Erik grabs his light saber and¬  points in right at Alex’s chest and is about to slay him. Alex uses a line from the Nickelodeon TV show "You can’t do that on Television" and Erik stops  pointing his light saber at Alex. Alex states that things aren’t always what  they seem, and precedes to take off his wig and nose to reveal long flowing hair and the face of an innocent beautiful girl. Erik is too astonished and awe struck to kill Alex, or whoever it is. And so they stand there staring at each other, and the story ends.

Complete Cast and Crew Listings

ATC, Fall 1994
Alex the Clown, Erik the Evil Clown; Alexander Rubinow. Fan in black shirt; Erik Christensen. Other Fan, Erik’s hands, Son’s Foot, Narrator; Mike Graner. Dog; Rudy the Wonder Dog.
Writer; Erik Christensen. Director; Alexander Rubinow. Cameraman; Mike Graner. Editor; Alexander Rubinow.

ATC2: Erik Strikes Back, Fall 1995
Alex the Clown, Erik the Evil Clown; Alexander Rubinow. Unruly Fan; Rudy the Wonder Dog.
Writer, Director; Alexander Rubinow. Cameramen; Scot Diamond, Steven Rubinow, Alexander Rubinow. Editors; Alexander Rubinow, Scot Diamond.

ATC3, Spring 1996
Alex the Clown, Erik the Evil Clown, Voice of Darth Vader; Alexander Rubinow. Locksmith; Mike Graner. Beautiful Girl Alex, Mysterious Playground Voice; Jenny  Steinberg. Darth Vader, Kid on Slide; Chad Peiken.
Writer,  Director; Alexander Rubinow. Camerapeople; Chad Peiken, Jenny  Steinberg, Scot Diamond. Editors; All Five People.

Interesting Facts
The first Alex movie was filmed in only two days. The scene with the fans in it was filmed the first day, and the rest was done on the second. The movie was filmed totally on the property of Alex Rubinow. The indoor scenes were filmed in his basement and family room, and the outdoor scenes were  done in his front yard.
Unknown to most people is the fact that Erik Christensen was originally cast and was set to play Erik the Evil Clown, since¬  that character is based on him ( by name only ). During the time between the first and last days of shooting Erik was cast as a guard in the Glenbrook North production of "Hamlet." Erik claimed that he was too busy with the play, so the director fired him. Incidentally, during a play practice Erik burned his hand on one of the torches he was carrying ( that’ll teach him ).
The nose that was  used in the first movie was not used in the second two. The first nose was held on by tape and did not have a good on-screen presence. Whereas the second nose¬  was shiny and was held on by glue.
In the original script for "Alex the Clown 2" a narrator was written in to the beginning to explain how ATC1 tied in with ATC2. In that narration it was explained that Alex forgot about searching for his son, and continued on with life. That narration also said that Erik the clown had created a clone before he was destroyed in the first adventure, and supposedly he had hid the clone in that hole in the beginning of the picture. The producers dumped the clone idea and made up the fact that Erik was¬  invincible. The reason why Erik has no lines in the second movie is he was supposed to be a clone and was not supposed to be able to speak.
Another  piece of trivia is the original creator of the characters, Alex and Erik. It  happens to be Keith Schofield.

The  Origin and Brief History of ATC
The origin of Alex the Clown: On July 4th, 1991 Alexander Rubinow marched as Bozo the Clown in the  Fourth of July Parade for the last time. ( he just happened to be wearing the same wig he wore in all three movies and on the TV show "Tabern Live" ) That following school year, when Alex entered 7th grade, a certain parade watcher named Hank Sprague remembered Alex’s stunt in the parade. Hank marched into English Class and announced it to Keith Schofield, and Keith created the character Alex the Clown. ( keeping the "the clown" part from Bozo’s name ) The main reason for the characters creation was Keith thought it might be humorous  to make fun of Alex for marching in the parade as a clown. Erik the evil clown was incorporated, because every good hero had an arch nemesis, and because Erik sat just a desk away from Alex. Thus, Alex the Clown and Erik the Evil Clown were born.
"Alex the Clown" was first made as a comic strip drawn by Keith  Schofield. In each strip a black stick figure with a pointy hat (Alex) would¬  encounter Erik, and Erik would kill him. The following year, when Alex was in 8th grade, a certain person named Pat O’Neil made his own "Alex the Clown" comic strips for the school newspaper. In these second rate comic strips, Erik would¬  kill Alex by using an atom bomb. Therefore, the last frame of every strip had a mushroom cloud. After the comics, Alex was brought to life on the silver screen in the fall of 1994, with the consent of the creator. After "Alex the Clown" the movie, Keith made a computer animated Alex the Clown. These cartoon shorts had the same plot as his comics, Erik kills Alex. Erik seemed to be more of an alien¬  than a human in Keith’s cartoons, but they continue the "Alex the Clown Legacy" none-the-less. Two more movies followed the cartoons, and now there is talk of a fourth movie to end it all. If it does end, the spirit of Alex the Clown will¬  live on in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Original "Alex the Clown" Theme Song
as featured in ATC part 1
words and music by Keith Schofield
music is similar to the Homey the Clown  theme song from "In Living Color"

Alex the Clown
He Dances All Around
All Around the Town
He’s Alex the Clown

songs continued:
Other versions also came about due to the subjects of Keith’s Comics. Two such versions were written for the comics "Alex in Hell" and "Alex on the Moon." The music was the same as in the original, and both songs had only four lines.

Original Scripts
All scripts were burned in a fire, a big fire.
If there happen to be bootleg copies floating around, burn them too.

This Document was written and conceived by Alexander Rubinow (c)7-10-96

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