Alexander has worked in film, television and radio throughout his professional and scholastic career spanning 1994 to the present. (Alexander’s Resume)

RADIO: Produced and served as on-air talent for the Late Night with the Beatles radio show (1994, 1996-1997) on WGBK (formerly WMWA) 88.5FM Glenview, IL & Northbrook, IL.

TELEVISION: From 2003 - 2009 worked for a company that created programming for History Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, National Geographic Channel and syndicated programming. Also worked on: HBO’s Project Greenlight: Season Two(2003)MTV’s Sorority Life 2 (2003), MTV’s Fraternity Life 1 (2003), ABC’s Are You Hot (2003), MTV2’s Two Dollar Bill concert featuring Coldplay (2002), MTV’s Real World 12: Las Vegas (2002), MTV’s Real World 11: Chicago (2002), AdrenalineTV (2001), Better Off Said (1998), Glenbrook North Television’s Tabern Live (1996-1997, 2000). Additionally, produced other programming for Glenbrook North Television Channel 27 including daily news casts, variety shows, video shorts, graduations, awards shows and live & taped sporting events.

Link to Alexander‘s Entry on the IMDB

FILM: Uncle Nino (2003), Plaster Caster (2001). Also produced numerous film shorts while at The University of Iowa.
(see Complete Works for full Glenbrook North H.S. and University of Iowa output)

GBN_LOGO logo-university-of-iowa

Meadowbrook Elementary School - District 28, Northbrook, IL
( August 1984 - June 1990 )

Northbrook Junior High School - District 28, Northbrook, IL
( August 1990 - June 1993 )

Glenbrook North High School - District 225, Northbrook, IL
( August 1993 - June 1997 )

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
( August 1997 - May 2001 )


November 2001 - Chicago, IL
with Keri from Real World Chicago

The 1961 Ferrari 250GT California
December 2000 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

August 2001 - Chicago, IL
backstage at Real World
 with Tracie Futterman


July 1996 - Northbrook, IL
High School Graduation Photo

with long-time collaborator
Robert Tabern - December 2000

April 2001 - Iowa City, IA
College Graduation Photo


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