Alexander Rubinow’s Listing on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Christine’s “The John Hughes Files”
A site dedicated to all things Hughes including trivia, trailers and music.

K-Dog’s Domain
Personal Website of Kyle Mulford of Eastern Iowa’s WB.

Robert Tabern’s Home Page
The Home of Tabern Live and television producer Robert Tabern’s personal website.

Scheisshaus Luck Official Website
This is a site featuring video segments I edited as a supplement to and in promotion of a nonfiction novel written in the first person by a survivor of Auschwitz and co-authored by a friend of mine, Brian Brock. The video segments were edited from an interview conducted with the survivor, Pierre Berg, in July 2008.

Steve’s “Shermer, Illinois”
John Hughes shooting location photos plus memorabilia photos.

The Brat Pack Site
A site that highlights the actors of the 80s known as “The Brat Pack.”

A site representing the softball league I play in.

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