THE BATHROOM CLUB is a venture between two of the giants of cable access TV and GBNTV-27, myself and Keith Schofield. This  movie-short is a parody of John Hughes' Cult Classic The Breakfast Club. I (top  center with fist raised) play Judd Nelson's Character, John Bender. Only in this  movie my name is Butch. The only difference between ours and Hughes' is that we  don't have any girls in our production. So, Andy Spellman portrays Molly  Ringwald (laying across the front) and Keith Schofield portrays Ally Sheedy(far left with hands folded). Robert Tabern, the nerd, portrays Anthony Michael Hall's nerdy character(center with glasses). And Ben Faden is Emilio Esteves(the  only one left). Not all of the actors act exactly like the characters they are trying to portray, but that is not the point. The point is that we are 5 people  trapped in a bathroom, not in an 8 hour Saturday detention. Through magic and a little ingenuity we manage to escape. This movie is probably one of the only  "parody" movies of cable access which works.

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